Charles Maxwell

Charles Maxwell (Chas) is our trusted Safety Manager at Arpco Valves & Controls.

He has been a committed and highly valued team member for close to 5 years.

Throughout his path here he has proven to be incredibly versatile and adds value to anything he touches.

His 10 years of experience and knowledge of our industry bring a large variety of expertise. “The demands of the oil and gas industry and the expectation of never disengaging made it nearly impossible to be the kind of husband and father I wanted to be. Then I found Arpco, and their shared commitment to the values of the family was so aligned with my own, I can’t imagine being anywhere else”

Chas is married to the love of his life, Teylor, and gives her the credit for bringing him back to his East Texas roots. They are proudly raising 2 beautiful children and soak in every moment with them.

“Best part of my day is getting to take my family to the park and watch them play. I don’t know many others in our business that have that invaluable luxury. It truly is a gift.”