Heather Spinks

Heather has been with Arpco for a year and a half. She’s been in the oil and gas industry for 9 years and has honed in her unique ability.  


In her time with Arpco, Heather has said; “Most companies that call you family really don’t mean family, but Arpco does. Family – not just employees, but spouses and children – is really at the heart of this company.” Her job as Procurement Manager changes every day. Every day is a new adventure and she loves that about it. It keeps things fresh and challenging. She’s grateful that she can come to work every day, have a job she loves, and grateful to those she does it for. 


When Heather’s not working, she enjoys quilting, traveling, and keeping up with her daughter and her 2 bonus son’s sports! (She hunts and fishes too but let’s be honest, they’re a sports family…)