Jen Bohanon

Jen Bohanon joined the Arpco Valves & Controls family in 2018. With her, she brought the knowledge and expertise of 7 years of industry experience and almost 20 years under her belt in the business world. She is a complete win for the Arpco team and brings a unique and infectious energy to everyone she interacts with. “It was almost instant for me when I first came to Arpco, I knew that they were the right fit. I had spent so many years being in positions where I wasn’t connected to the company values, and I think that being passionate about your business is a must.”

Jen spends her spare time with her husband, Jerry, and they have their hands full with 5 boys they are raising. “Truly, they keep me so busy, without Arpco’s focus on family, I don’t know what I would do. Arpco knows that my world revolves around my boys and all their activities. It’s just so nice to feel like I have a family at work that lets me prioritize my family at home”

Jen spends her days at work keeping all the plates spinning. She wears many hats but always does it with a smile. “I just know that being able to LOVE what I do, and who I do it for is a gift from God.”