Directed Maintenance & Inspection

The average valve life span is anywhere from seven years to 20 years, with one distinct factor, maintenance.

The life span can be significantly extended, as well as the time a well is shut down by simply taking care of what you put onsite.

It is estimated that the cost of an incident on one well can equal the cost of installing safety valves on 45 different wells! Not to mention the irreplaceable team members you may have working around uncared for products.

When you invest in assets that are critical to the safety of a job site you don’t want the “set it and forget it” method in play.

We enroll our customers in a custom fit program to maintain their assets onsite, or repair in-house if needed.

We also provide thorough documentation to our partners to help track the maintenance and testing of assets.

We are the industry experts in Emergency shut down systems, call us to protect your assets, your team, and company reputation..