Our Team

Owner/Chief Executive Officer

Bobbie Hurley O’Dell

Bobbie Hurley O’Dell gained her experience through a variety of sales and administrative positions and is now the CEO of Arpco Valves & Controls.

Bobbie uses her talent as a strategist to build the team members and the leaders in her company for future growth. She is also passionate about creating a culture that enriches the lives of all Arpco Team Members.

Bobbie is a coach for women entrepreneurs, and she encourages them to “have it all” whatever all means to them.

Outside of Arpco, she is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. “My highest aspiration in life is to leave a legacy for my family. I want my family to see that hard work and perseverance can pay off. Especially now that I have five granddaughters, it’s important to me that they know there is no glass ceiling for them in the professional world.”

Bobbie’s community outreach is evident as she sits on the Board of Directors for the Kilgore Chamber, the Kilgore College Foundation Board, and participates in all local events that she can. “I never wanted to build a corporation, I wanted to build a company that is made up of people who care about what they do. The only way to create that is to ensure that you’re pouring into your team members. That is what I strive to do every day. As we continue to grow, it is my hope that we stay focused on our core values: pride, integrity, and loyalty.”

Owner/Chief Revenue Officer

Gary Turner

Gary has over forty-plus years of experience in the oil and gas industry and brings unmatched knowledge and experience to Field Operations at Arpco Valves & Controls. Arpco’s mission is to protect their customers, communities, and environment by providing high-quality Emergency Shut Down systems for oil and gas wells. His ability to repair, install and design safety systems is legendary.

He is involved in numerous charitable organizations, some of which involve children’s events and supporting scholarship fundraisers at the college level which is very dear to his heart.

He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is a passionate outdoorsman. He has a great love for hunting and competitive fishing. Much of his free time is spent working on his land and enjoying the development of his wildlife management program.

Most important of all he is a true family man and values time spent with his wife, two daughters, son, three grandchildren and their families.

Gary’s latest endeavor is being a member of the Texas Farm Credit advisory board specializing in rural Texas financing.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Director

Charles Maxwell

Charles Maxwell (Chas) is our trusted Safety Manager at Arpco Valves and Controls. He has been a committed and highly valued team member for close to 5 years. Throughout his path here he has proven to be incredibly versatile and…

Director of Administrative Operations

Jennifer Bohanon

Jen Bohanon joined the Arpco Valves and Controls family in 2018. With her, she brought the knowledge and expertise of 7 years of industry experience and almost 20 years under her belt in the business world. She is a complete win for…

Director of Operations

Gregg Patterson

Gregg joined the Arpco team in late 2020. He has 25+ years of  experience in the oil and gas industry and was ready to take the next step in his career as the Operations Manager for our Midland branch.  Gregg lives in Odessa, TX with his…

Facility Operations Manager

Noey Brown

Noey Brown first started his journey with the Arpco clan as a field technician in 2013, just a few short years after Arpco began in 2010.  Since then, he has grown and has done some incredible things!  Not only has he mentored and trained new technicians…   

Facility Operations Manager

Arpco Valves & Controls

Travonse Hill

Travonse has been with Arpco for a little over a year. He started as our first Field Technician at our Bossier facility and quickly earned his way up to… He worked in the oil and gas industry for twelve years before coming to work at Arpco. What he loves..

Procurement Manager

Arpco Valves & Controls

Heather Spinks

Heather has been with Arpco for a year and a half. She’s been in the oil and gas industry for 9 years and has honed in her unique ability. In her time with Arpco, Heather has said; “Most companies that call you family really don’t mean family, but Arpco…

Accounting Manager

Arpco Valves & Controls

Koger Bates

Koger Bates is the Accounting Manager for Arpco Valves and Controls. She has 20 years’ experience working as a financial leader across several industries. Expertise in both foreign and domestic manufacturing and distribution with valuable…