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ZEUS Compressor package

In the demanding world of oil & gas, the need for reliable and efficient emergency shutdown systems is paramount. Arpco proudly presents the ZEUS, a groundbreaking zero-emissions solution in ESD technology.

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Unmatched Reliability and Performance

The ZEUS stands out as a pinnacle of innovation in ESD systems. Engineered with precision and crafted to ensure the highest levels of reliability, it offers unparalleled performance in emergency situations. This system is not just a safety measure; it’s a robust guardian against unforeseen operational hazards, providing peace of mind for both operators and environmental stewards.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Safety

Key features of the ZEUS include its advanced control mechanisms and user-friendly interface, making it a top choice for industry professionals. Its design prioritizes ease of use without compromising on the sophistication of its safety features. This balance of complexity and accessibility is what sets the ZEUS apart in the market.

Eco-Friendly and Future-Ready

In line with Arpco’s commitment to sustainability, the ZEUS is designed to be eco-friendly. Its operation aligns with the growing need for environmentally conscious practices in the oil and gas sector, making it a future-ready solution for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding that each operation is unique, the ZEUS is customizable to fit specific requirements. Arpco’s team of experts works closely with clients to ensure that each ZEUS system is tailored to the particular needs of their operation, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety.

24/7 Support and Service

Arpco’s dedication to customer service extends to round-the-clock support for the ZEUS. Our team of skilled technicians is always available to provide assistance, ensuring that your ESD system functions flawlessly and continues to protect your operations day and night.

Invest in the Best

Choosing the ZEUS means investing in the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of your oil and gas operations. Contact Arpco Valves & Controls today to learn more about how the ZEUS can be integrated into your safety protocol, and take a significant step towards a safer and more efficient future in the oil and gas industry.

zeus: Key features

ZEUS is solar-charging, and doesn’t use combustibles, preventing possible explosions.

ZEUS is equipped with an 11 gallon holding reserve.

A completely enclosed system protects is from the elements.

Our safety features prevent the possible over-pressuring of your unit.

ZEUS is automated to maintain the desired compression.

The flexible mounting device allows for positioning the unit in a suitable location.

Trust the ZEUS for an innovative and modern solution in emergency shutdown systems. Contact Arpco Valves & Controls today to learn more!

zeus - The future-proof zero emissions compressor package

Zero emission, a concept focused on using energy sources and technologies that emit no waste, is integral to fostering a sustainable and cleaner world. Compressed air is a key solution for achieving zero-emission operations, enabling efficient production while adhering to evolving environmental regulations.

How It Works

Maximized efficiency, Minimized emissions

By choosing ZEUS, you’re not just upgrading your equipment; you’re making a bold statement about your company’s dedication to a greener future while optimizing productivity and ensuring safety for your team.

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Zero Emissions

ZEUS is designed to be eco-friendly and free of pollutants, operating without emitting harmful gases or relying on gas or oil for power.

Environmental Responsibility

By choosing ZEUS, companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining production levels, demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment without compromising operational efficiency.

Safety and Reliability

ZEUS products are selected and configured for maximum safety and productivity, providing peace of mind to businesses, clients, and team members.

Optimized Operations

With ZEUS, companies can improve operational efficiency while contributing to the collective effort to combat climate change and create a better world for future generations.

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